What’s Under Your Bed: 4 Storage Options for Kids Beds

Single Drawer Storage for Kids Beds

Gone are the days of wasted space. When it comes to the area under your kids’ beds, storage is the key to survival. That’s why we offer more underbed storage options for kids beds, whether you have a bunk bed, loft or standard bed. In fact, you can pair any of our underbed storage units with any of our beds. Hey, some things need to be easy, right?

Let’s take a look at the different options to maximize underbed storage (and make your life a little more organized)!

Underbed Storage for Kids Beds


Single Drawer

Single Drawer Storage for Kids Beds

The single storage drawers for kids beds let you see everything at once.

Efficiency is the name of the game with the single-drawer, underbed storage unit. You can see all three compartments at the same time; so finding your belongings at-a-glance is easy.


Three Drawer

Storage for Kids Bunk Bed – Three Drawer

With three drawers, there’s a place for everything – and everything in its place.

If separation makes you feel more organized, then the three-drawer storage is for you. Store extra blankets in one, pillows in the other, and books in the third (or whatever makes sense for your kids’ bedroom).


Six Drawer

Six Drawer Storage for Kids Bunk Bed

Get serious about storage for your kids’ beds with six roomy pullout drawers.

Double down on storage for your kids’ beds with the six-drawer unit. This gives you serious flexibility when it comes to organization, and extra space for those items that don’t seem to belong anywhere in particular (who doesn’t need that!).


Trundle Storage

Trundle Storage

If you struggle to host sleepovers because of a bed shortage, then the trundle storage is going to change your life. This extra bed slides out from underneath your child’s bed when you have an extra guest, and slides back in when you’re done.

Now that you’ve learned about underbed storage that’s available for your kids’ beds, take the next step and browse our collection of kids’ beds.


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