Storage & Kids Furniture

Twin Full Multifunction Espresso

When walking into a kid’s bedroom and finding clothes, toys, art-supplies and books scattered about, parents have forever asked the same questions: Where did all this stuff come from? How can we organize this mess? Can we get the kids to put things away? Invariably, you realize that there is one answer to all three questions: We need more storage space for all this stuff! At Rooms4Kids, we understand your desire to maximize storage while retaining a sense of style that compliments your child’s individuality and have designed numerous storage options to help solve this time-worn problem.

Get Creative with Kids Storage

Over the years, our passion for combining form with function has yielded innovative and stylish storage options that integrate with the bed itself. We have a variety of under-bed storage units that offer up to six large drawers and we also offer a Captain’s Storage Unit which combines four drawers with a spacious cabinet for bulkier items. Our staircase bunk beds and loft beds add generous drawer storage without increasing the “footprint” of the bed itself. These sharply designed options are so cool that your kids might use them without being told. Maybe.

Stash Stuff in Plain Sight

Kids all have books and toys that are the first to be taken out and the last to be put away. Easy access shelving is perfect for getting these favorites quickly off the floor at the end of the day. Rooms4Kids offers several bookcases, tall and short, that can hold toys, stuffed animals, puzzles, collectibles, awards and even books! These shelving units are spacious and can accommodate bins or baskets to allow quick access and clean-up for different activities, including diaper-changing time. Yay!

You Can Never Have Too Many Drawers

Drawer storage is the cornerstone of any bedroom storage design. Our solidly built dressers, chests and nightstands provide ample drawer space stylishly designed with safety in mind; we offer self-closing soft-close drawers and cabinets that stay shut and keep little ones from the things they shouldn’t touch.

Our tall chests, including the Summerlin 5-drawer and Waterford 6-drawer are perfect for the room for kids of different ages; allowing older kids to stash treasures in top drawers away from the prying eyes and hands of the younger siblings, but not from mom and dad!
Nightstands are a useful place to store what you need for bedtime. Use the drawer for pajamas, and keep favorite before-bed books and stuffed animals in the cabinet of our Summerlin style or on the shelf of our Waterford style nightstand.

Give Your Kids Storage Space to Create

“Arts and Crafts” Is there any phrase more wonderfully frightening to a parent? We’re thrilled to see our children develop and exercise their creativity but dread the clean-up. Before they’ve applied the paint and you’ve applied the soap and water, we can help by offering sturdy work desks with plenty of drawers for storing construction paper, scissors, crayons and other supplies.