Rooms4Kids’ White-Glove Delivery Service

White Glove Delivery Service

Rooms4Kids’ White-Glove Delivery Service

Rooms4Kids “white-glove” delivery and setup process is covered under our warranty and is part of a program designed with your complete satisfaction in mind. Our delivery crew, while a separate company, has worked exclusively for Rooms4Kids for nearly 15 years and is controlled by our Customer Satisfaction Program. With their uncompromising service and professionalism, we guarantee an exceptional customer experience with every delivery.

Delivery and set-up can be completed within 7 to 14 days and is booked at the time of purchase. Appointments are available Monday through Saturday and are scheduled in three hour time windows: 8-11AM, 9-12PM, 10-1PM etc.. Let us know when you need your purchase and we’ll make a schedule that works for you.

Our delivery range is wide, as much as 100 miles from Chicago. For customers further out, we offer bulk freight delivery through a reliable transportation network. This type of delivery, known as “drop-ship,” typically takes 9 to 14 days and does not include setup.

After a purchase is completed and delivery is scheduled, the order is submitted to our Chicago distribution warehouse and goes through a process designed to ensure customer satisfaction at delivery. Our attention to detail makes all the difference. You can rest assured knowing each piece of furniture undergoes meticulous inspection by experienced craftsmen. This process is the final step in quality control which begins at our manufacturing plant.

On the day of delivery, our crew will contact the customer by phone 30 – 45 minutes prior to arrival. Provided the customer has completely cleared access to the room(s) and emptied the space needed for the new furniture, delivery and setup of a bedroom set can be completed in 30 to 90 minutes.

After setup is completed, our crew will present to the customer a checklist with which to review the furniture and delivery/setup process.  This delivery checklist is an important part of our customer satisfaction program and covers several key areas, from the quality of the product to the performance of the crew. Immediately after the checklist is signed, it is sent via email to our customer satisfaction center for review.  While we currently experience a 96% initial satisfaction response, any reported issue receives immediate attention and the customer is contacted with a plan for resolution. All checklists generate an email response meant to establish a path of communication for the customer regarding warranty service.
Rooms4Kids has an ongoing commitment to our customers, and an unparalleled ability to guarantee that every step of the full delivery service is perfect. Our Customer Satisfaction Center can be contacted at