Not All Kids’ Bedroom Furniture is Created Equal


You just saw the coolest kids’ bedroom furniture at your friend’s house, and now you have to have it. After doing some research, you still love the style but are concerned about the construction. Is it safe? Will it stay that way over the years? Most importantly, can it really handle your kids?

Let’s face it. When it comes to shopping for kids’ furniture, it all comes back to quality. Kids’ bedroom furniture is an investment, and it usually needs to stick around for a while. You want a great value, but you also want peace of mind that your new purchases can hold up to real life – outfit wars, slamming drawers, and daily rough housing.

The good news is, you’re not asking too much. You can get the cool bedroom without compromising on comfort and safety. Here’s the scoop on what to look for as you shop.

Heavy Weight

Does it have to be heavy to be high quality? While everyone has different experiences, we prefer heavy furniture for kids’ bedrooms because it can typically handle more weight. If you have a bunk bed, for example, the beds and staircases can accommodate heavier loads. If you have a solid-built dresser, it can hold bulkier clothing without the worry of breaking the drawers or frame. In general, heavy kids’ bedroom furniture absorbs more impact and holds up to kids’ natural tendencies to bump, jump, and bounce.

Auto-close Drawers

Slamming dresser drawers is about as common in childhood as asking “why” or refusing to eat. It is also one of parents’ biggest pet peeves. The auto-close feature saves your drawers by helping them come to a soft and gentle close. When kids try to slam drawers shut, the auto-close mechanism takes over to protect the fronts of drawers from breaking off. It also protects fingers from being pinched, so there’s less damage on all fronts.

Generous Warranty

Have you ever purchased a product that seemed to work perfectly fine until right after the warranty ended? We’ve all been there, which is why we recommend looking for longer warranties on kids’ furniture. This is a significant purchase and one you may be using for several years, so make sure the quality is backed up by the manufacturer with a protection plan or warranty program you can really count on.

Not all children’s bedroom furniture is created equal. Before you commit to the one that looks good on the outside, be sure to see what you are really getting on the inside.