Kids’ Bedrooms: Essential Furniture Checklist

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Plan your kids’ bedrooms with a furniture checklist of all the essentials

Making your kids’ bedrooms feel comfortable and stylish is important. It not only helps your children sleep better but also gives them a space to call their own. Knowing the essential furniture that you need can help you design a new bedroom they’ll love. Here is a handy furniture checklist you can use as you’re thinking about, and shopping for, your kids’ updated bedrooms.

Kids’ Beds

The bed is the centerpiece of the room. It needs to be sturdy and safe, as well as comfortable and functional, so that kids can get the sleep they need. There are many options when it comes to types of beds, including regular twin or full beds, bunk beds and even loft beds. It’s up to you to decide which bed suits your child best. If you have more than one kid to a room, then you may want to consider a bunk or loft bed. Be sure you have the proper mattresses, too.

Dressers and Chests

You can never have too much storage when it comes to your kids. Adding a dresser and/or chest to your kids’ bedrooms can help organize and maintain a clean appearance. Make sure your dressers and chests are made with safety in mind, such as soft close drawers and safety anchors. You can even match the pieces to the bed you have chosen, for a more uniform look.


Since many children study or do homework in their bedrooms, you may want to plan on purchasing a desk, too. Whether a standalone student desk or one that’s integrated with the bed (modular design), there are a few options when it comes to placing a desk in your child’s room. Again, it helps personalize the space and gives them a quiet place to learn and retain information. Plus, it frees up your kitchen table!

Kids’ bedrooms are places to sleep, study and play. By following this furniture checklist, you can ensure your children have a personal space that allows them to grow, learn and be inspired.