How to Use Built Ins For a More Organized Kids Room


How to Use Built-Ins For a More Organized Kids Room

Decluttering a kids’ room can be a huge challenge, but it can also present itself as an opportunity to teach your children the principles of organization. Make it an experience, and work with them, not around them. Help your children understand how to care for things so they remain in a good condition, and establish a system for keeping the room clean so your efforts don’t go to waste. If you’re a parent looking to bring order to your kids’ room- consider the following tips on how to declutter your kids’ space while helping them understand the importance of doing so.

Start With the Easy Stuff

Throw away, stow away or donate what you don’t want-broken, unused toys, outgrown clothes, etc. Remember, less is more. The more stuff you own, the more time you will need to maintain tidiness. Purge and un-cram the drawers so they actually close, and tidy up the bed. These easy first steps of sorting will make your space look much less overwhelming, and prettier. Your child will be more excited when he or she steps into their room.

Deciding What Stays and What Goes

This step can be a challenge because you’re dealing with someone else’s emotional attachment to things that aren’t really yours. Discuss with your kids the reason for getting rid of their toys or clothes. Children have a great capacity for compassion, explaining to them where their donated items will go and who will benefit from them will make them more willing to part with their things.


Once you’ve sorted out what you want to keep, it’s time to start organizing. This is where our numerous storage options at Rooms4Kids earns their star billing. Our bunk beds, and loft beds have a four or five step staircase storage built in. These staircases can attach to either side of the bunk or lofted bed, which can be converted into individual beds later on. At that point, you can reconfigure the staircases into storage units that fit nicely underneath the bed. Under the bed is usually a good place toys and clothes go to die-but not with our furniture! This way you can reclaim the space while not having to worry about vacuuming. Another option is the individual Kids’ beds from Rooms4Kids which come with up to 6 large drawers that fit underneath the bed as well.

Full/Full Beadboard Bed with Summerlin Collection and Modesty Panel White

We also have a large selection of hardwood storage options like dressers, chests and nightstands; all of which are super durable and safe, available in a variety of finishes. With storage that integrates with your furniture you can find a home for everything, while keeping the room looking nice. Another good idea is using picture labeling on drawers and bins. This makes cleaning fun and interactive like a game-it’s much easier for kids to match things visually-so print out some photos and get creative!

Getting the Job Done…and Keeping It That Way

If you need to, do a little every day until you get the job done. Once the job is done, it requires regular maintenance. Telling kids to pick up their rooms doesn’t always end in success. Breaking chores up into more manageable tasks helps; instead of saying ‘clean your room,’ say ‘pick up the clothes off the floor.’. The best way is to lead by example -kids always mirror what their parents do, so if you practice these strategies early on, it’ll always be worth it.

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