How to Select the Perfect Kids Loft Bed

The Perfect Kids Loft Bed – Full Multifunction Loft

The perfect kids loft bed is one you design and make your own.

Shopping for a new kids loft bed is a lot like picking out a new car. You have a ton of options, you want a great deal, and you plan on having it for a long time – unless you’re the lease kind of car owner, buuuut you probably don’t want to lease a bed. Nevertheless, you want the perfect kids loft bed, and we’re going to help you choose one that you – and your kids, of course – will be happy with for the long haul.

Step 1: Choose the size.

The first decision you’ll need to make when shopping for the perfect kids loft bed is what size you need – twin or full. It’s a good idea to take measurements of the room first, so you know how much of it will be taken up by the bed. You can find dimensions for all of our loft beds on the category page.

The Perfect Kids Loft Bed – Twin Multifunction Loft

Twin Multifunction Loft              

The Perfect Kids Loft Bed – Full Multifunction Loft grey

Full Multifunction Loft

Another consideration when you’re selecting a size is the length of time you plan on keeping or using the bed. If you think you’ll buy your child a larger bed when they’re in high school, then maybe a twin size will do. On the other hand, if you’re thinking long-term, then a full size could be the best fit. Remember, our loft beds can separate into two individual beds (does not apply to the Student Loft Bed) if your kids eventually have separate rooms or you want a great solution for a guest room.

Step 2: Choose the color.

The next step in finding just the right loft bed for your kids is choosing a finish, or color. Consider this just as important as choosing a paint color for your room. It needs to reflect your kids’ personalities, sense of style, and – perhaps most important – it needs to be something they like, too.

Fortunately, we feature five different finishes for our kids’ loft beds, including:

  • Weathered Grey
  • Weathered Espresso
  • Espresso
  • Rustic Pecan
  • White

Step 3: Choose the entrance style.

After you decide on a size and color, you’ll want to select a style of entrance. We offer both the staircase and ladder options. Usually, you’ll want to pick the style that accommodates your room size; staircases for larger rooms, ladders for smaller, more compact rooms. The reason for this: the staircases add an extra 12” to the width of the bed. If space isn’t an issue in your room, then you may want to keep in mind the staircases offer extra storage (each step is also a drawer).

Kids Loft Bed with Staircase

Kids Loft Bed with Staircase

Kids Loft Bed with Ladder

Kids Loft Bed with Ladder


Step 4: Choose the configuration.

The final step in selecting the perfect kids loft bed is deciding on a configuration. Our kids furniture is completely modular, meaning you can choose the setup that works best for your space.

For example, you may want a loft bed with a desk built in. This not only gives your child a new bed, but also a place to do their schoolwork, in a single piece of furniture. You’ll find this in our Student Loft.

Study space underneath can make the perfect kids loft bed


Perhaps you’d rather get the feel of a bunk bed with more usable space underneath. Check out our Multifunction Loft, which gives you a bed on top and a cozy place on the bottom to read or hang out (when you opt for a single bed setup).

Storage can also be a big part of your bed’s configuration. Shelves, nightstands, and hook-on bed trays can all be built in to your loft bed.

Extra storage is key to the perfect loft bed for kids.


Getting it right when it comes to kids’ beds is important to you – and to us. Reach out any time with questions you have about our furniture.

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