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A Furniture Store Just for Kids

Let’s face it: shopping with kids can be a real challenge. You’re trying to find what you need as fast as possible, while keeping the children in one place and making sure no one knocks over a display or leaves behind a trail of destruction. We get it, and that’s why we created a furniture […]

Cool Bunk Beds for Kids

Cool Multifunction Loft Bunk Beds for Kids

While twin beds are standard kids’ furniture, the bunk bed is where it’s at – and, nowadays, it’s anything but standard. When it comes to the modern bunk bed, you’ve got options upon options. From built-in desks to built-in hangout spaces, it all comes down to some very cool bunk beds for kids. Multifunction Loft […]

What’s Under Your Bed: 4 Storage Options for Kids Beds

Single Drawer Storage for Kids Beds

Gone are the days of wasted space. When it comes to the area under your kids’ beds, storage is the key to survival. That’s why we offer more underbed storage options for kids beds, whether you have a bunk bed, loft or standard bed. In fact, you can pair any of our underbed storage units […]

Bunk Bed Comparison: Rooms4Kids, Pottery Barn & Ikea

Comparison Chart

Shopping for the perfect bunk bed can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a person who likes to research the details (we are SO like that, too). Sure, you might know which styles you’re drawn to, or the colors and finishes that catch your eye, but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of […]

How to Select the Perfect Kids Loft Bed

The Perfect Kids Loft Bed – Full Multifunction Loft

The perfect kids loft bed is one you design and make your own. Shopping for a new kids loft bed is a lot like picking out a new car. You have a ton of options, you want a great deal, and you plan on having it for a long time – unless you’re the lease […]

3 Kids in One Bedroom – Oh Yes, It Can Be Done!

Bunk Bed for Multiple Kids in One Bedroom

Three kids in one bedroom means getting creative with your space. You have a lot of children but not a lot of space. It’s a common scenario for many families these days. Thankfully, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to solve these challenges, particularly when it comes to three kids in one bedroom. We’d like to […]

6 Things to Do with Kids in Chicago(land) When It’s Too Cold Outside

Chicago Winter

The temps are below freezing, your kids are climbing the walls, and you need to do something about it – fast. If you’re looking for things to do with kids in Chicago (and the suburbs), then we’ve got just what you’re looking for right here. Check out these six family-friendly activities right outside your doorstep […]

5 Must-Read Blogs for Chicago Parents


When it comes to finding tips on parenting, raising kids and strengthening families, there’s a wealth of information online – too much, at times. As a business serving families and children, we also know your time is limited. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 blogs for Chicago parents, based on the […]

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