Bunk Bed Safety Tips



Bunk bed safety creates positive experiences for families.

Here at Rooms4Kids, we take safety very seriously. When it comes to our bunk beds, we want kids and families to have the best experiences possible. Our team got together recently and created this list of bunk bed safety tips for you to keep in mind as you’re shopping for your bunk bed and long after it arrives in your home.

Safety Tips for Bunk Bed Owners

  1. Check for guardrails and staircases. There should be guardrails along both sides of the top bunk, and each should extend at least 5 inches above the mattress when the child is lying on it. Your child should not be able to slip under the guardrails when they lie on the mattress. If the bunk bed has a staircase, make sure it’s designed to keep the child safe as he or she climbs to the top bunk.
  2. Check openings on top and bottom bunk. With the exception of the exit side on the bottom bunk, there should be no way for a child to fit his or her head, torso, arm or leg through any opening on the top or bottom bed.
  3. Buy the right mattress. To ensure bunk bed safety, you also need to be sure you have a properly sized mattress for each bed. The mattresses should be firm and breathable, and the bed should have slats underneath the mattress for extra support.
  4. Don’t skip any steps on assembly. When it’s time to put your bunk beds together, you must follow ALL of the steps to a tee. Use the instructions included with the furniture and, if any parts seem to be missing, then be sure to contact the manufacturer. Or let the seller deliver the furniture to your home and assemble it for you (we do this for locations within 150 miles of Chicago).
  5. Put the bed in a safe spot. We recommend placing your bunk bed in a corner of the room, so that it has two walls to support it. You should also keep the bunk bed away from ceiling fans to avoid injuries.
  6. Don’t let kids younger than 6 sleep on the top. If you’re wondering about the right age for kids to sleep in the top bunk, you’re not alone. Kids younger than 6 years old should keep to the bottom bunk; older kids can claim the top bed.
  7. Set rules and explain them. Children should be taught how to climb the bunk bed ladder or staircase properly. Establish a set of rules for your home, such as no jumping or swinging from the bunk bed. Let your kids know that the bed is for sleeping, and know that you may have to remind them of your bunk bed safety rules more than once.

If you have any questions about our bunk beds or the safety of our products, we welcome your call at (312) 226-6666.