5 Must-Read Blogs for Chicago Parents


When it comes to finding tips on parenting, raising kids and strengthening families, there’s a wealth of information online – too much, at times. As a business serving families and children, we also know your time is limited. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 blogs for Chicago parents, based on the relevance, quality and variety of information. You’ll find everything from what to do in the city and suburbs, tips for navigating Chicago schools, family-friendly establishments, and even some ideas for quality parents-only time. These are blogs every parent should follow, so come along and see what’s happening.

Neighborhood Parents Network


No matter which Chicago neighborhood you call home, there’s probably a Neighborhood Parents Network available to you. For nearly 40 years, this non-profit group has been connecting parents with resources to make parenting in the city an amazing experience. With tons of info on tackling the challenges of being a parent, and guides to the best family events, NPN hosts one of the top blogs for Chicago parents.

Chicago Parent


Well, the name pretty much says it all, but Chicago Parent also lives up to the title with one of the best blogs for Chicago parents. In fact, the entire site is set up blog-style, featuring some of the best ideas for what to do with your kids (in Chicago and the burbs), cool vacation ideas, kid-friendly restaurants and a host of other topics parents find exciting. The best part? All of the content is written by parents, and you’ll find something new every day.

Between Us Parents


Moms and dads can find solace (and humor) on Between Us Parents, a blog written for parents of tweens and teens. The topics range from reviews of movies and stage productions, to travel ideas and tips on parenting – so you can make your crazy busy life the best it can be. If you have older kids, you’ll love the content and unique perspective here.

O the Places We Go


If you’re the type of parent who likes to play, stay and eat, then this is the blog for you. O the Places We Go is all about what’s happening in Chicago and the burbs, and of course it’s focused on families. This is one of our favorite blogs for Chicagoland parents, because who doesn’t like to have fun!

Second City Mom


Sure, it’s called Second City Mom, but this modern blog is for all Chicago parents. It’s full of tips on parenting and interesting perspectives on the topics parents care about most: kids, traveling with kids, and even date night ideas (without the kids, of course). Check out this funny mama’s take on the everyday – and the extraordinary – happenings in the second city. (Oh, and there are giveaways, too!)

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