3 Kids in One Bedroom – Oh Yes, It Can Be Done!

Bunk Bed for Multiple Kids in One Bedroom

Three kids in one bedroom means getting creative with your space.

You have a lot of children but not a lot of space. It’s a common scenario for many families these days. Thankfully, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to solve these challenges, particularly when it comes to three kids in one bedroom. We’d like to share some of these creative solutions with you, in hopes of inspiring your shared space to become the perfect place for your tribe.

Vertical Space

When you need to fit three kids in one bedroom, vertical space is your friend. Trust us, you’ll want to take advantage of as much as you can. This is where extra shelving can come in handy, or even bunk beds that offer two beds for the space of one. For the third child, you can opt for a single bed or loft bed, which gives you an elevated bed and usable space underneath. Anything you can do to free up floor space will do wonders for your kids’ room.


If your home is tight on space, then you’ve probably gotten creative when it comes to finding a home for (or hiding) your kids’ belongings. The floor of the closet, underneath the bed, in the sock drawer…wherever works at the moment. But you don’t have to settle for the nooks and crannies of your kids’ room.

For example, try utilizing the highest shelves in the closet for items that aren’t used as often. Put a small dresser or organizer underneath the hanging clothes in the closet (if your kids are still small enough for “short” clothing that doesn’t take up a lot of space). Check out kids’ beds that have extra storage, like bunk beds with staircase drawers or beds with pullout drawers underneath.


Sometimes, in smaller bedrooms, the layouts are unconventional or have interesting characteristics that make it difficult when it comes to furniture (if that’s you, then check out our post on furniture that works in weird rooms). You may also be wondering how to create enough space for desks and hangout areas, in addition to beds. When you’re trying to get three kids in one bedroom, this can be challenging. Good news is, there are bunk beds and loft beds that have desks built in to them. These allow you to maximize your space while getting all the important pieces of furniture into the room.

You’re not alone when it comes to fitting multiple children in a single bedroom. Hopefully, these tried-and-true solutions help your family create a shared space that’s comfortable and functional.

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