How to Host a Spooky Bunk Bed Sleepover

The wind is howling, the leaves are rustling, and the cooler temperatures are officially here. And now that Halloween is on the horizon, too, well we just couldn’t help ourselves. We had to take the opportunity to put together our very own spooky bunk bed sleepover – the perfect activity for fall family nights or when friends come to stay the night.

Of course, you can’t get very far on a bunk bed sleepover without the bunk bed. Make sure yours is solid enough to hold the weight of a couple kids or a parent and kid on the top bunk. You don’t want the spooky part of the sleepover to be anything but the stories and silliness that come next.

scarey book

To start, we began by checking out some not-too-scary stories for kids where we found some great titles for little ones about pirates, party-loving ghosts, and a hairy toe (eek!). Remember, the goal isn’t to keep your kids up at night, just to create a mood that’s spooky and a bunk bed sleepover that’s safe and fun.

kids reading


Next up, you’ll need a flashlight or two for reading. You don’t want to miss any of the details or your kids’ reactions as you tell the tales. Bonus: One of you can shine the flashlight on the wall while the other makes silly or scary hand animals to illustrate the stories.

Finally, your spooky sleepover isn’t complete without a few cozy blankets to hide under. Use several to make a fort for your bunk bed sleepover, and make sure there’s enough to keep everyone warm during what could be a bone-chilling story time.

We also put up Halloween lights and spooky music for our sleepover, but you can do whatever makes sense for your family and friends. We had a blast, and we hope you do, too!



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